Picasso’s Symbol of Peace

La Colombe de l’Avenir (The Dove of The Future) is coming to Hidden gallery

During a time of conflict and uncertainty what could be more relevant and inspiring than this beautiful hand-signed Picasso depicting his ‘Dove of Peace’ hovering above a mound of broken weapons against a backdrop of optimistic sunshine.  Using the prominent colours of blue and yellow. 


This beautiful lithograph in colours is printed on Rives BFK paper, with full margins and an impressive size of 76.5 x 59cm before being framed.  As well as being signed and numbered from an edition of just 200. 


Not only is Picasso one of the most important artists on the 20th century, but this 1962 lithograph La Colombe de l’Avenir (The Dove of The Future) is an ongoing statement for worldwide peace. 


Picasso created this iconic drawing as a poster published for the World Congress for General Disarmament and Peace held in Moscow in 1962; the dove is an icon of peace, a symbol of resilience and triumph over violence, particularly in times of war and conflict.  


Awarded for his commitment to anti-war art, he was granted The International Peace Award, signifying how his work had impacted the lives of others around him.  One of his most famous works, Guernica, 1937, demonstrates the destruction of a small town in the Basque region of Spain during the Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939.  Not only is the subject shocking enough, but the size also makes it hard to forget and its message more impactful.  It is a constant reminder of the tragedies people experienced. 


Additionally, Picasso’s Massacre in Korea, painted in 1951, an expressionist piece portraying the massacre of innocent civilians during war.  He created this in order to denounce the killings of civilians during the advance of the United States Army within North Korean territory, during the Korean War.  Another work which tries to right the wrong that has been done to these people. 


He witnessed multiple wars during his lifetime and subsequently experienced death, destruction, and defeat.  Picasso’s art was a form of resilience as well as objection to conflict.  The dove is emblematic of hope during times of difficulty, and the dove flying over the weapons indicates that the dove is leaving it all behind.  The sun makes the viewer see light through this turmoil. 


This artwork is a powerful message of peace and a stunning depiction of hope, a subject that was close to Picasso’s heart. 




Written by Gracie McCabe (Digital Associate at Hidden London)

April 23, 2022