5 Tips for Buying Art at Fairs

Juliet gives us advice on how to buy art at art fairs

With the London Art Fair around the corner and more fairs on the horizon, we thought we would give you some tips for buying art at fairs.  Art fairs can be both exciting and overwhelming, with such a variety of art on offer and the pressure of buying on the spot. Therefore, we hope our advice will help you when faced with the decision 'to buy or not to buy'.


  • Buy what you love - first and foremost, it's so important that you buy what you enjoy looking at, not what other people like.
  • Take your time : Ask if you can reserve the piece even if it's just for half an hour- it's important to not feel pressured. This will mean that you have first refusal on the piece and no one can buy it during this time without your say so.
  • Create a shortlist - if there are a few pieces you like within our collection create a shortlist.
  • Ask questions about the piece - we are here to help and answer any questions, please ask away we are always happy to help.
  • Ask if you can pay in installments - we offer interest free instalment plans which makes buying more accessible.


Hope you enjoy the art fairs coming up this year! Please reach out if you have any questions. 


Written by Juliet Dicker-Holton (Gallery Manager at Hidden Brighton)

April 13, 2022