Stik- Book Series - The Complete Set, 2015

Stik- Book Series - The Complete Set, 2015
Book Series - The Complete Set, 2015
Each signed in black felt-tip pen
Offset lithographs printed in colours
Each sheet: 76 x 24 cm

A special chance to be the proud owner of a complete, hand-signed set of Stik's book series offset lithographs, authenticated by the artist.


Stik's book has been incredibly sought after for some time now; each edition coming with a fold-out lithograph of a standing Stik figure. This collection of prints not only represents the coming together of the prints that came with the UK (red, yellow and blue), US (orange and teal), and South Korean (grey) editions of his book, but also a rare chance to acquire hand-signed versions of each in absolutely fanta-Stik condition.

If you take a look at the additional images, you'll see that this particular set has also been celebrated by the artist himself via his instagram accoun 0n September 15th t - a gorgeous line of direct provenance.



September 16, 2021
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