Investing in art

More than ever before we're being asked about art as an investment, with so much uncertainty in the world people are looking for alternative and more rewarding ways of using their resources. We know because we've done it ourselves.


Our rare and collectables business has grown out of our personal collection put together over many years and we're as careful about what we offer you as we have been about our own pieces.


All of the rare art we sell has been carefully chosen for quality, condition and authenticity and we offer it to you not only as a thing of beauty that will grace your home but as something with the potential to grow in value. We've seen it happen time and time again but never more than in the last 12 months as more people realise that it is possible to own a small piece of a great artists work, be it a lithograph by Picasso or Matisse, a screenprint by Banksy or a David Hockney drawing.


Valuing Rare Art


There are a number of contributory factors that have a bearing on the value of rare and collectible art and lithographs; we've set out some of the most pertinent below.


  • Age - as with any collectible the age of the work is a factor, is the work early in the artists career or from a particularly rich or iconic period in his or her development. 
  • Rarity - Is the work a well-known and often reproduced example or is it from a small edition? How often does the work appear at auction, can it be found elsewhere?
  • Subject - Was the image produced specifically for the medium, is it typical of the artists work, does it represent the artist at the height of their powers.
  • Quality/condition - We tend only to offer work in the very best condition as this typically represents a better investment in the long-term.
  • Provenance - The work we offer is largely sourced from international auction houses and renowned dealers worldwide, it is assessed for authenticity and quality by our experts who have more than 30 years of experience, in addition to the scrutiny carried out by the auction houses themselves. Consequently we offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on all the work.



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