Case Studies

Our framers is a light and relaxed space with a dedicated consultation surface where we can lay out your work with samples of mountboards and mouldings and discuss what would be best for your piece. Consultations and quotes are free, and you can drop in whenever you like during our opening hours. 


We specialise in bespoke framing using the best practices and quality materials. Whether your piece is for your home or an exhibition, we would be delighted to help. Below, we have put together some case studies of work that we have done for Hidden Gallery and individuals, outlining the thought and care that goes into every consultation. 

  • Grayson Perry

    Gray Black Cats MC
  • This stunning textile piece by Grayson Perry deserved something special to show off its unique design whilst remaining robust enough to protect the work. For the frame, we decided on a solid black finish to compliment the bold block colours and chose a chunky profile, deep enough to accommodate the pole.


    The artwork itself is designed to be hung, so we built in a white pole screwed in through the back of the frame to hold it in place. To keep the fabric held in a safe and visually attractive position, we used small plastic tags to attach the textile to the conservation mountboard. The tags are barely visible, attached within seams to disguise their presence, and best of all are a completely safe and reversible method of mounting the work.


    Rather than glass, we used a UV protective scratch resistant acrylic – at this size, is it both safer and lighter than glass. On the back of the frame is a split batten hanging system - this spreads the weight of the frame over a greater surface area and means that once it’s on the wall, it won’t slip off.

  • Dail Behennah

  • We recently had the pleasure of framing work by Bristol artist Dail Behennah. Her delicate paper weaving creates mathematical landscapes which seem to shift depending on how they are lit, so we wanted a nice simple frame to let the artwork speak for itself, and to give it a nice generous border to allow shadows to be cast and create a different dimension to the work.


    Dail had cleverly sewn in strips of card to the back of her work so there was no need for any tape or adhesive to come directly into contact with the woven paper. We attached v-shaped strips of paper as an extension to her card so that the strips could sit flush against the mountboard, reducing stress on the card she had sewn in and increasing the glueable surface area.


    We made custom fillets deep enough to accommodate the work and used the same colour mountboard for a sleek finish.


    The reduced reflection glass means that you can appreciate the stunning detail of the work without any distracting reflections.